Kveitvad Adventure

Skrolsvik was an active fishing village until the early 1990's. There were two reception centers for fish which shut down in 1992. The halibut fishery has strong traditions at Skrolsvik, and the the rich halibut fishery in Andfjorden created the fishing village. In the 1930's, the harbor was filled with boats fishing halibut. The fishing boats came from the communities in the surrounding area, from all of Troms county and as far south as from Lofoten. The first fish reception center was built in 1872, and at the same time Skrolsvik became a trading place.

Skrolsvik today is well known for its great fishing opportunities. Skrolsvik is especially known for its rich occurrences of halibut, and has become famous for being a top location for halibut angling. There is also an halibut museum in skrolsvik.

Kveitvad is a type of long line fishing equipment specially designed for catching halibut.

The operation is split in two parts. Part one; baiting the Kveitvad before putting it down on the selected grounds and  part two where the Kveitvad is retrieved.

After part one has taken place there must be time for the halibut to eat and get caught on the kveitvad. Part one and Two can take place in the morning and evening or on two separate following days.  Estimate around two hours for each part.

Nok 3490,-

Approx.  2 + 2   hours

Participants 1 - 5

Season: May - September

Safety First


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